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Project management

HAPFAM is headed by the Project Manager Birthe Møller Jespersen (Department of Food Science, Unversity of Copenhagen), who is the chairman of the Management Group consisting of WP-leaders and representatives from the industry partners.

The Management Group will ensure project progress and coherence and inform all partners about scientific achievements. The group will meet every six months for evaluation of deliverables and decisions about any changes in the project plan.

An Advisory Board of leading international scientists will act as a source of inspiration for the project, and they will meet with project participants once per year.

The Project Manager is supported by a Technical Manager with responsibility for

  • daily management re. project administration
  • arranging meetings and seminars
  • forwarding deliverables to the Management Group for evaluation
  • implementation of actions decided by the Management Group
  • establishment and maintenance of web-based communication
  • develop and arrange PhD courses for HAPFAM
  • collect, edit and submit material for reports for the Danish Council for Strategic Research